There are many reasons that we believe you will benefit from engaging us to carry out any forensic accounting assignments on your behalf, or on behalf of your clients.


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Quartz Services Who needs forensic accountants?

Quartz Services Key Services

  • On Engagement

    We will meet with you and get a precise understanding of your objectives. If we believe you are not correct in what you are stating then we will advise you straight away.

  • Certified Fraud Examiners

    Aside from being qualified accountants with decades of experience we are also Certified Fraud Examiners and have significant experience in dealing with fraud-related matters. Our experience in the field of fraud examination goes hand-in-hand with forensic accounting.

  • On Your Side

    When clients are in dispute with another party, life can be very stressful. We guarantee that if you engage us we will always be on your side. Clients always come first.

  • Understanding Your Case

    We will take the time and trouble to understand your position and to research the route by which your position will be optimised. We will also work with any other advisers.

  • Timescale

    We will assess how long the assignment will take and we will tell you in writing when we believe we will be ready to report to you.

  • Fees

    The basis of our fees will always be agreed with you in writing and in advance.
    No surprises.