No one likes the burden of filing their tax return.

Preparation of tax returns is one of our core services. We prepare and file tax returns for both individuals and companies. 

We have invested heavily in leading software and technology to enable us to prepare and file tax returns efficiently.

Tax Returns

Since April 2005 when the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise merged, the penalty regime for omissions, errors and mistakes has become far more draconian. This means that you have to ensure that your tax return is correctly completed and filed on time.

During the information gathering stage we work with clients to ensure that nothing is omitted and that all possible claims are made so that there are no problems later with the tax man.

If we believe that you are due a tax refund we can even arrange for our fees to be deducted from the refund so that you do not have to pay anything upfront.

If you want a no obligation chat about your tax affairs or those of your business please get in touch. It costs nothing to talk.

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Tax Planning & Advice

Tax planning and advice is one of our niche specialist areas.

The best time to get advice is before the "event", not after. Too many people and businesses make this mistake time and again. We work with clients to understand their situation from the outset so that we can advise accordingly in ways to minimise their tax liabilities.

Tax planning covers a vast array of taxes including:

  • Income tax
  • National insurance
  • Corporation tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • CIS

Very often these taxes interact or overlap with each other and the overall impact must be assessed in order to see the complete picture.

We advice clients how these taxes impact on their situation and how to obtain overall optimal tax solutions based on the individual circumstances of each case.

Aside from the taxes and the possible multiple interaction on clients, there are aspects of each tax which sometimes require specialist advice – common examples being:

  • Loss claims – both trading losses and capital losses
  • Capital allowances claims
  • Special relief claims
  • Entrepreneurs relief claims

The calculation, presentation and timely submission on these claims is critical and our experience in these areas means that clients can rest assured that their tax affairs are being handled competently and correctly.

We manage to achieve tax savings in over 90% of cases that we review.

If you want a no-obligation chat about your tax affairs or those of your business please get in touch. It costs nothing to talk.

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Tax Investigations

We specialise in dealing with tax investigations relating to all UK taxes including self employed/employment status disputes.

We are on your side – not the tax man’s.

Tax investigations are never good news but unfortunately they will not go away and they have to be dealt with. Our experience is that the biggest obstacle to dealing with tax investigations is clients themselves because they simply worry about the problem rather than deal with it.

We take the worry and stress out of dealing with any tax investigation because we actually deal with it. We also have experience in dealing with HMRC and we are aware how they view investigations.

What Price Peace of Mind?

Initial telephone assessment worth £200 free of charge.

Fixed fee for a report where we tell you whether you have a poor, fair or strong case (stage 1).

We don't sell b/s or waffle and we don't sit on fences - if your case is hopeless we tell you straight, but we have always been able to help every client we have represented.

  • Fixed fee to work the case by defending you by correspondence with HMRC (stage 2)
  • Fixed fee to represent you at the tax tribunal if technical arguments and negotiations with HMRC fail (stage 3)
  • In suitable cases a "no win/no fee" may be offered
  • If you have tax investigation insurance that may cover some or all of our fees

Worry No More

  • 30 years experience of dealing with HMRC so we get the best outcome for you
  • We understands that your case needs arguing robustly - we don't just throw the towel in
  • We offers excellent customer service - so you are always updated and kept in the loop
  • We are not a middle man between you and HMRC - we are on your side!

What a Result!

  • We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients over the years
  • This has included all UK trades and professions and businesses from one man bands to large scale operations
  • In every case HMRC ended up getting less than they initially claimed
  • We have negotiated down HMRC penalties

Don't get crushed by HMRC!

We understand your legal rights in an enquiry and we make sure you get fair play from HMRC. Clear advice, firm hand-holding and a robust defence - the Quartz Services advantage. Quartz Services is not a middle man between you and HMRC - we are on your side!

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We know preparing accounts is a different skillset to defending a tax enquiry so don't be afraid to ask for help!

We treat all accountant referrals with confidentiality and we undertake never to act for or even approach your client in order to sell other services. Using Quartz Services means you can hand over the enquiry to experts and get on with your normal work. We provide regular updates and copy you in on all correspondence

Quartz Services may be able to get funding from your tax investigation fee protection insurance Minor Enquiries. If you just have an "aspect" enquiry rather than a full tax investigation we can help! Aspect enquiries are also known as S9A enquiries. Fixed fees quoted in advance for all technical enquiries

If you have a “tax problem” of any kind, and in relation to any taxes

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