All too often people are simply not alert to the indicators that fraud may be taking place.

There are usually warning signs that indicate a higher probability of fraud.

These include the following or a combination of them (not exclusive).

  • Living beyond means
  • Financial difficulties
  • Control issues and unwillingness to share duties
  • Unusually close association with customers or suppliers
  • “Wheeler dealer” attitude
  • Divorce/family problems
  • Irritability / defensive behaviour
  • Addiction problems
  • Refusal to take holidays
  • Past employment related problems
  • Complaining about inadequate pay
  • Excessive pressure from within organisation
  • Past legal problems
  • Instability in personal life
  • Excessive family/peer pressure to succeed
  • Complaining about lack of authority

Time and again it has been proven that a combination of the above characteristics feature in the background of fraudsters who have been caught.

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Source ACFE Report to the Nations 2014