It is bad enough to be defrauded ... but it really is the final straw if you see the fraudster using his or her ill gotten gains, such as stolen cash, customer databases, patents, or bespoke software, etc to enhance their own lifestyle or to start their own “successful” business.

It is very frustrating when the Police just say “it’s a civil matter” or “sorry, not a priority”.

People are also anxious about actually challenging fraud

This is where we can help.
We guarantee to:

  • Take your case seriously
  • Treat it as a priority
  • Advise you on how to effectively challenge fraud.

Our aim is to recover as much as possible in instances where there are assets available to make such a recovery.

We will:

  • Undertake a comprehensive investigation of the whole position
  • Make an assessment of the position
  • Report our findings to you
  • Make recommendations to you based on our findings

You can then make an informed decision based on the available options.
If we believe that there is no possibility of a financial recovery, we will tell you straight away.

Should you decide to seek recovery, we have all the forensic, accounting, technical and legal resources which can be deployed in order to ensure that you get compensation in respect of what has been taken from you.

Remember we are on YOUR side.


We will give you a fixed price fee in writing for our initial report.

If you then decide to take the matter further:

We can then give you the option of:

  • A further fixed fee for the recovery action, or
  • A No Win – No Fee percentage fee option based on the amount recoverable.