No one can truthfully claim to devise a system that is completely fraud proof

However, the problem with the overwhelming majority of businesses and organisations in the UK is that they are not even doing the basics correctly when it comes to fraud prevention.

This is totally wrong and many high-profile fraud cases prove this.  All to often those in charge assume “it will never happen to me”.

In fact in the UK company directors, charity officers and public officials have a legal duty to safeguard the assets of the businesses and organisations which they manage and lead.

Fraud prevention controls need to be assessed based on each business or organisation and then they need to be implemented, and crucially they then need to be enforced.

Very often it is mistakenly thought that the implementation and enforcement of such fraud prevention controls applies only to large businesses and organisations.  In fact it has been proved time and again that the impact of fraud on small businesses and organisations is disproportionally far greater than on large businesses and organisations.  Surprising but true.

We can help

We can:

  • Assess your business or organisation
  • Design appropriate and effective anti fraud controls
  • Design appropriate and effective anti fraud policies
  • Work with you to implement the appropriate policies and controls
  • Ensure that agreed anti fraud policies and controls are enforced
  • Monitor and report to you on compliance with anti fraud policies and controls

Remember we are on YOUR side.


All fraud prevention programs are different and have to be assessed individually.

We guarantee that all fees for fraud prevention work will be fixed and in writing.