Fraud awareness is the key to fighting fraud in business and organisations

The sad fact is that most owners, managers, directors, officers and responsible officials simply do not have the awareness that they need.

Training is carried out, quite rightly, to ensure that everyone in a business is aware of fire drills, health and safety, procedures, customer services, complaints procedures, etc.

How many businesses and organisations actually train in fraud awareness?  Not many.

It is essential that if fraud is to be reduced significantly, all levels of the business or organisation must be aware of fraud and the training for this must be ongoing. It must start with the correct tone at the top and filter down to all levels.

The rapid expansion of computerisation and the internet have made the requirement for fraud awareness essential.

If businesses and organisations are not aware … then how can they possibly start to meaningfully combat it?

We can help

We will

  • Meet with your senior personnel and plan a “fraud awareness” strategy
  • Provide relevant training to your teams at all levels
  • Provide ongoing monthly support to ensure that you are updated on fraud issues that you need to be aware of

Remember we are on YOUR side.


All fraud awareness programs are different and have to be assessed on a case by case basis.

We guarantee that all fees for fraud awareness work will be fixed and in writing.

We also operate monthly subscription schemes (recommended) for those businesses and organisation who wish to engage us to design and implement a rolling fraud awareness program.