It is often said that there are two types of organisations in the UK:

Those that have been affected by fraud.

Those that have not been affected by fraud ... YET

Estimates vary as to the extent of fraud in the UK but there is no doubt that it is growing every year.

Fraud in the UK is estimated to cost in the region of £40 billion

Worldwide fraud is estimated to cost £2 trillion – that’s £2,000,000,000,000!!!

Fraud is often dismissed as a “victimless” crime (and it is a CRIME). Businesses and organisations that are effected by fraud have learned the hard way that it certainly is not victimless.

Fraud always leaves devastation and ultimately destroys the fabric of society.

Fraud means deceit has actually taken place. In the majority of instances the perpetrator has very often been in a position of trust and is well known to the victim. Aside from the financial loss caused by the fraud the abuse of trust inevitably compounds the feeling of bewilderment on the victim’s part.

Fraud can also result in very significant reputational damage.

Do you or your business or organisation:

  • Suspect fraud going on right now?
  • Require an investigation for something that does not seem right?
  • Need to examine the content of a computer hard disk?

Have you or your business or organisation:

  • Been the victim of fraud in the past?
  • Been frustrated by the lack of Police interest?
  • Seen the alleged fraudster carry on with their life whilst you suffered?

Do you or your business or organisation wish or need to:

  • Implement anti fraud training and awareness?
  • Assess the loss caused by a fraud?
  • Assess the prospect of civil recovery?
  • Negotiate with the fraudster to recovery your property or agree a financial settlement?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES – then we can usually help.

All our services are planned, directed and controlled by Certified Fraud Examiners, forensic accountants, and former senior police officers who have extensive Fraud Squad experience.

Organisations affected by fraud

% of reported cases type of organisation affected:

  • 74% Businesses of all sizes – both private and public
  • 16.3% Government organisations
  • 9.6% Charities and not for profit organisations
Source ACFE Report to the Nations 2014

Internal and External Threats

It is very important to be aware that fraud can  also emanate from those outside the organisation.

Suppliers, customers, advisers, bankers  etc may also have opportunities to 
participate in fraud against businesses and organisations.

The impact on all the above organisations affects people and families.

The largest category of businesses and organisations that are affected by fraud have fewer than 100 employees.