• Final year end accounts
  • Management accounts
  • Budgeting and cash flow statements


  • Bookkeeping on spreadsheets
  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • Scheduling and reminder of routines for clients
  • Admin services
  • Head office function


  • Hosted cloud accounting services
  • Remote accounting solutions
  • Virtual management meetings


  • VAT Registration and deregistration
  • VAT returns - monthly and quarterly
  • VAT inspections
  • VAT investigations
  • VAT reclaims


  • Registration of PAYE schemes
  • Payroll set up for employees & CIS Subcontractors
  • Payroll for employees + CIS – weekly/monthly/quarterly
  • HR Advice


Over 99% of businesses entities in the UK are SMEs.

This represents a huge pool of business owners who running businesses each and every day.

Only a small percentage of these SMEs establish themselves to the point where they have in-house accounting, legal, HR, IT and technical departments. These businesses are more substantial and have the critical mass to develop further on their own. Most SMEs do not have the resources to achieve this on their own.

We can assist business owners in this position by providing practical advice based on years of experience in helping other business owners in varied sectors.

This includes advice on business development, marketing, sales and ad hoc problems as well as providing strategic growth.

We can also help to identify Key Performance Indicators and assist with measurement of the same over time. In our experience business owners are often misguided when it comes to detailed operational information. Business owners will often know how much profit they have made for the last financial year but they do not know whether they made profit yesterday or what their weekly overhead are.

We can also assist with accounting in a way to provide more meaningful information. Management accounting information obtained on a daily/weekly basis is extremely important and yet most SMEs do not produce it. Business owners must have this information so that they can act on it. It is pointless to wait until the year end to discover that you have made a loss. This information should have been available within the year.

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