Fraud has increased significantly in recent years and the majority of frauds involve computers at some point.

It is no coincidence that during the recent years:

  1. Computers have become far easier to operate
  2. Access to the Internet is now at the click of a mouse

The global nature of the Internet and the speed of communications and processing have changed life for virtually every single business and organisation on the planet.

These changes have presented opportunities for fraudsters to exploit and take control over what they do.

Whilst computers and the Internet facilitate the fraudster, they can also be a valuable source of evidence to catch the fraudster.

Computers contain a wealth of information which if extracted correctly can be used in evidence against the fraudster.

Warning: Do not be tempted to “just have a quick look” through a suspect’s computer to see if you can “find anything”.

Your well-intended actions will almost certainly taint the available evidence.

Even closing down a computer must be done in one of several ways depending on the machine and to be compliant with Data Forensic ACPO Guidelines

By turning off a computer the operating system will actually perform hundreds of tasks during the short process. This close down action will alter the evidence on the computer hard drive itself.

Quartz Services IT and fraudIt is essential that all computer evidence is handled correctly by appropriately qualified expert who can secure the original equipment and data and at the same time produce independent digital copies for examination and further scrutiny.

There may also be legal issues involved in getting access to the equipment.

Our experts can assist you with these critical tasks should your business or organisation require such services.

If you need to take action in this area you definitely need to get outside expert assistance. Do not attempt this task by yourself.