One of our specialist niche areas is CIS Subbie Tax Refunds

We have 35 years' experience dealing with Subbies and it is a market that we know very well.

If you are a CIS Subbie you will almost certainly be due a tax refund.

Subbies only ever have 5 questions ... and we have the answers:

It all depends on your earnings, your expenses and CIS tax you have had deducted. Rest assured, after preparing tens over thousands of Subbie refunds over the years we know how to maximise your tax refund legally.

Many firms are will claim very large refunds with the result that you end up with a tax enquiry a few months down the line. Don’t be tempted. We will obtain the maximum possible tax refund for you and keep your affairs straight with the Tax man on your behalf.

The majority of CIS tax refunds range between £1,000 and £2,000 per year.


Not long at all. We have invested in the most up to date cutting edge technology and software which enables us to get your tax refund in double quick time.

Once we have submitted everything to HMRC on your behalf your tax refund should be paid out electronically to us within a few days subject to HMRC security checks which they sometimes carry out. We then deduct our agreed fees and pass you the balance on the same day.

On average refunds are through within 3 to 7 working days.


After our quick-response discount, which you get if you send your pack back to us within 10 days, the total fees are just £224.99 + VAT

Total fees including VAT are £269.99.


It’s Simple. Call us on 0208 499 8050 to register with us as a client. We send you a very straightforward pack to complete and we start the process to get your tax back immediately.

You send your pack back to us. We process your tax return and get your refund.



Almost certainly. Just tell us about the problem and make a note of it in the pack we send you, and we will use all our resources to ensure that you get credit for the CIS tax that has been stopped on you.

Leave it to us.